Every mouth is different and unique. Just as there are various orthodontic problems, there are multiple ways of correcting them.

At Yurkiewicz Orthodontics, we take an individualized approach to inform and guide you in your decision as to WHICH treatment, WHEN, HOW and WHAT TYPE OF braces or appliances are most appropriate for you and your individual case.

At your initial visit to our orthodontic office in Orlando and Clermont, Florida, Dr. Lisa will perform a clinical examination of the head, jaw, posture, bite and teeth, so you will know the answers to the following questions:

  1. Am I a candidate for orthodontic treatment, yes or no??
  2. When is the best time, now or later??
  3. If I am ready to start, what are my treatment & payment options?? For how long?
  4. If your child is not yet ready to start orthodontics, he/she will be invited to join our Loose Tooth Gang Club and will be periodically checked for another complimentary evaluation.

This is a very informative session and all interested parties are encouraged to attend. If desired and as time allows, we take diagnostic orthodontic records (plaster models, X-rays, photographs) for a more complete bite assessment. Some special cases require additional records and consultations with other specialists before a definitive treatment plan and options can be more fully discussed.

To maximize your first visit, we suggest the following tips:

  1. Print and complete our New Patient History Form, and bring it with you to your first appointment.
  2. When you call to schedule your appointment, please provide us your dental insurance information so we can verify your orthodontic benefits PRIOR to your visit, OR so that you can contact the insurance company to confirm your benefit and obtain details for reimbursement.
  3. Bring or have forwarded to us your most recent Panoramic X-ray (if taken by your dentist).

Our orthodontist and team dedicate time and attention to understanding your concerns, treatment goals and medical-dental history BEFORE we provide you with a treatment to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations.

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