Yurkiewicz Orthodontics is a patient-centered orthodontic practice in Orlando and Clermont, Florida. Put simply, your concerns are our concerns. Dr. Lisa and team strive to provide a professional, positive, personalized and supportive treatment experience for our patients, parents and families.

Patients seek out Dr. Lisa and our practice because of our reputation and goals: to provide conservative treatment for the individual patient at the most opportune time and to achieve the best possible outcome for his/her needs and desires. We are committed to helping our patients of all ages achieve optimal oral function, excellent oral & overall health and a beautiful smile. In short, the Yurkiewicz difference is NOT just about straight teeth. We take a consultative approach to help guide you to the treatments which are most appropriate, giving you all the information and education you need so that you will understand your options and feel comfortable with your choice.

When you visit our office, we take the time to understand the bigger picture, including your overall health. By treating the root causes of dentofacial problems and not merely focusing on the symptoms, we are able to address your problems more quickly and effectively for a balanced, harmonious outcome and greater long-term stability.

We promote an integrative approach to orthodontic treatment. By considering your values and strategy for dental and medical health & aesthetics, the orthodontic treatment decisions for your child may affect the following: airway, cranial balance and harmony, growth and development of the jaws and any plans for future dentistry and overall health goals. We help empower you with this knowledge and how it relates to your concerns and wellness. In this way, you can make an educated and informed choice about orthodontics for you and your family. We also believe in providing minimally invasive treatments – where less is MORE – while optimizing treatment outcomes.

Yurkiewicz Orthodontics is proud to be the first orthodontic office in the area to offer the Retainers For Life Protection Plan. With the Retainers For Life Protection Plan we are able to provide you with the best orthodontic care even after treatment is over.

Most importantly, Dr. Lisa and team believe that you should understand all facets of your treatment including: benefits, risks, fees, alternative treatments and follow-up care after your treatment is complete. We are strong advocates of giving our patients choices and are dedicated to doing what is best for each individual patient.

Yurkiewicz Orthodontics has been changing lives by creating exceptional smiles for over two generations. We invite you to contact our practice today to schedule your New Patient consultation with Dr. Lisa. We look forward to meeting you soon!