Yurkiewicz Orthodontics is committed to working with you so the valuable, long-term investment of orthodontic treatment is a simple and convenient process whenever you need it.

As you may expect, orthodontic treatment fees vary relative to the need and severity of the case, as well the type of treatment indicated or selected. When you (or your child) get the orthodontic treatment that you need, you also receive a host of benefits that you may not even realize.

As orthodontic specialists, we get the job done right the first time, saving time and money in the long run.

Paying for orthodontic treatment may be a concern, but families are happy to learn that we offer a Family Program Allowance (FPA) and various payment options that even allow for multiple family members to be treated at the same time!

Payment in Full: Includes a courtesy bookkeeping discount for orthodontic fees paid at the onset of treatment. TIP: Many families take advantage of their Flex Plan or HSA account for additional pre-tax savings. Ask for a FREE copy of our “Flex Spending & Paying for Braces” report.

In-Office Interest-Free Financing: Includes an initial payment and automatic monthly payments over the duration of treatment. Special payment arrangements can be made.

Third-Party Financing: Yurkiewicz Orthodontics works with Lending USA and Springstone Financial, which offer no down payment and low-interest monthly payments over a longer period of time. Third-party financing is subject to terms and interest based on credit. You can learn more and submit an application by clicking on the links provided below.


Credit Card Payments: Our office accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX credit cards.

Insurance: Our experienced team is always available to help you understand, utilize and maximize your insurance benefits. We accept most insurance plans as well as file claims and accept insurance assignment as a courtesy to you. Please notify us of concerns you may have and any changes in your insurance.

No Insurance or No Benefit: Because of our ability to offer a convenient payment schedule over time, many families without insurance or specific orthodontic benefits often find orthodontics is quite affordable and opt for treatment in spite of this. Some even terminate their dental insurance when they discover their plans do not provide the value they are seeking.

For more information about our financial information in Orlando and Clermont, Florida, feel free to contact us.