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What sets us apart

Besides four (4) convenient locations and an experienced, professional staff, here are more reasons why many families have entrusted their orthodontic care to us over the years:

1. We make it all about YOU...
We are a patient-centered practice. We take the time to listen to your concerns before recommending treatment. We specialize in providing custom treatment for each individual where Dr. Yurkiewicz is personally attentive to the needs and treatment of each patient at each visit.
2. We STRAIGHT Talk About Your (Multiple) Options...
We communicate effectively so you understand your treatment options, what is involved, how long it will take, how much it will cost, as well as the risks of no treatment.

Traditionally, orthodontists remove teeth in order to alleviate crowding and use ‘retraction’ methods (e.g. headgear) to move the upper jaw to match the shorter lower jaw. However in recent years, orthodontic advances in research, technology, materials, appliances and techniques - now offer less invasive, non-extraction options that naturally develop the bones of the mouth AND the jaw so more space can be created for the teeth and where we can achieve more balanced/proportionate faces as well.

Besides braces, we provide a broad array of treatment modalities and services — namely, retainers, aligners, functional appliances, cranial appliances, soft-tissue laser, or braces with orthognathic (jaw) surgery. Furthermore, if we are able to evaluate a 4 or 5 year-old with unfavorable oro-facial habit(s), there may even be options to promote corrective tooth and jaw growth without braces!
3. We look at the WHOLE patient and the BIGGER PICTURE...
By addressing the ‘root’ cause(s) of the teeth and jaw problems - and not just merely focusing on the symptoms (‘crooked’ teeth), we are better able to treat in a timely manner, achieve more desirable and harmonious dental and facial outcomes and ultimately, produce results with greater long-term stability.

We promote an integrative approach to orthodontic treatment. By considering your values and strategy for dental health & aesthetics, the orthodontic treatment decisions for your child may affect Airway, Cranio-Facial Balance and Harmony, Growth and Development of the Jaws and any plans for future dentistry and oral health goals. We help empower you with this knowledge and how it relates to your concerns and overall health. In this way, you can make an educated and informed choice about orthodontics for you and your family.

In order to facilitate treatment and optimize your investment in orthodontic treatment, we closely collaborate with other health professionals, as needed: e.g. speech pathologists, myofunctional therapists, osteopaths, physicians, family dentists and other dental specialists.
4. Simply: Orthodontics Is Not Just About Teeth.
5. Dr. Yurkiewicz
regularly attends continuing education courses to stay abreast of new and developing trends, orthodontic techniques and technologies - here in the US and around the world. Besides being an active member in the AAO, ADA and its state and local dental associations, she was inducted in the Pierre Fauchard Academy, an honorary organization that promotes the highest standards of professional and ethical excellence world-wide.

On a grass roots level, Dr. Yurkiewicz recognizes and actively supports local community efforts which highlight children's programs. Her special areas of interest involve education, scholarship, the Arts, sports and access-to-care issues for the underprivileged. She served as the Coordinator for the Lake County Project: Dentists Care (PDC) Program and has been recognized by the Florida Dental Association (FDA) and ADA for her efforts in promoting the PDC Program in Lake County.

6. Our Goal...
With honesty, integrity, respect and trust, our orthodontic team work together to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.
To find out how we can help reveal your true smile, please call to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY new patient consultation with Dr. Yurkiewicz.

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