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Loose Tooth Gang

Welcome to The Loose Tooth Gang!
Now that you are a member of The Loose Tooth Gang and not quite ready to get braces yet, we hope you've already received your LTG Welcome Pack! Dr. Lisa will check on you in a few months to compare to see how your teeth and jaws have changed since your last visit. In the meantime... check out some fun activities below!

Happy Wiggling!

Loose Tooth Gang Coloring Page
National Orthodontic Health Month Coloring Page
Find the Matches
Seek and Find
Find the Differences
Finish the Drawing
Finish the Sentence (like the ‘Mad Lib’ word game)
Connect the Dots
Word Search
Find a Healthy Smile
Visit www.ada.org for animations, interactive games, a story about visiting a dentist's office, how to become a dentist and much more. [Grade Levels: PreK-6].


A Message to Parents

Dear Moms and Dads:

We thank you for the privilege of taking care of your child’s orthodontic needs. We enjoy watching your children grow and develop during these formative years.

During this time when it’s a little early to start braces, we encourage you to maintain regular recall appointments with us as we make and record careful assessments of your child’s bite, tooth eruption and skeletal jaw growth at each and subsequent visits – all to determine the most optimal time to initiate orthodontic treatment.

Our office promotes preventive care and each opportunity allows us to encourage your little one to practice good oral hygiene habits for life, and especially in preparation for eventual orthodontic treatment. Also, if your ‘little sport’ participates in a heavy contact sport, please consider the use of a mouthguard. Our Athletics section reviews more information, including what you can do in case of a dental emergency.

If at any time, you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask. We look forward to a pleasant association with you and your child in the months ahead.

Dr. Yurkiewicz & Staff